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Chevrolet Omega
Automotive industryGeneral Motors
PredecessorChevrolet Opala
Car classificationExecutive car

The Chevrolet Omega is an Executive car sold by General Motors do Brasil for the Brazil market. Replacing the Chevrolet Opala, which was a development of the Opel Rekord C, the original Chevrolet Omega was based on the Opel Omega A, and built locally between 1992 and 1998. After 1999, local production ceased, and GM imported Badge engineering versions of the Holden Commodore from Australia.


Omega A

Chevrolet Omega A
1993–2003 Opel Omega A
Also calledOpel Omega
Lotus Omega
Lotus Carlton
Vauxhall Carlton
Automobile platformFR layout GM V platform (RWD)

Based on the Opel Omega A, the Chevrolet Omega A debuted in Brazil in 1992 with a choice of two engines — a 2.0 L four-cylinder (GLS and GL trim) and 3.0 L six-cylinder (CD trim). From 1995, the engines were upgraded to a 2.2 L four (GLS) and a 4.1 L six (CD) (from the previous GM Opala, but with electronic fuel injection added) respectively. The Omega quickly gained success in Brazil, where it was regarded as one of the most luxurious cars of its time. Both Sedan (car) and Station wagon (called Omega Suprema) Car body style were available. The station wagon shared the exact powertrain configuration and trim options with the sedan. Some funeral parlor owners chose the Omega Suprema as the preferred car for hearse-based modifications.

Omega B

Chevrolet Omega B
2002–2003 Holden VY Calais
Also calledHolden Calais (Holden VT Commodore, Holden VX Commodore, Holden VY Commodore, Holden VZ Commodore)
Chevrolet Lumina
AssemblyElizabeth, South Australia
Automobile platformFR layout GM V platform (RWD)

In 1999, with the Chevrolet Omega B, General Motors ceased local production in favour of importing a Badge engineering version of the Holden Calais, with subsequent model changes mirroring those of the Australian counterpart. The original Omega B was equipped with the 3.8 L Buick V6 engine, developing 207 PS (152 kW), but the 2005 update received a new 3.6 L Alloytec V6. The second generation Omegas were only offered as a four-door sedan (the Commodore also had wagon and pickup variants), and identical Australian-made Driving on the left or right models were also exported as the Chevrolet Lumina.

Engine Power Torque Transmission
3791 cc Ecotec V6 engine 152 kW (207 PS) 305 N·m (225 ft·lbf) 4-speed GM 4L60-E transmission Automatic transmission

Omega C

Chevrolet Omega C
2006 Holden VE Berlina
Also calledHolden VE Commodore
Chevrolet Lumina
Pontiac G8
AssemblyElizabeth, South Australia
Automobile platformFR layout GM Zeta platform
Internal combustion engine3.6 L Alloytec V6 engine
Transmission (mechanics)4-speed GM 4L60-E transmission Automatic transmission

For the fourth generation Chevrolet Omega C, General Motors again looked to Holden for the new model. The Omega C launched in mid-2007 is little more than a rebadged Holden VE Commodore, a member of the Commodore family[1]. It is available with the 3.6 L Alloytec engine.


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