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Arlington Assembly is a General Motors automobile factory in Arlington, Texas. The plant has operated for more than 50 years, and today manufactures large SUVs based on GM's GMT900 platform:

The Arlington plant was opened in 1954 to assemble both automobiles and aircraft, but has focused on the former use for most of its history. The factory was the site of assembly for many large GM cars, including the 1980s Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 1990s Chevrolet Impala, and late-model Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks. The plant occupies 250 acres (1,000,000 square meters). Arlington Assembly was the last GM B-body manufacturing facility prior to the conversion for SUV production.

GMT900 production began on December 1, 2005, six weeks ahead of schedule.

Former vehicles manufactured at Arlington Assembly

RWD GM G platform vehicles

RWD GM B platform vehicles

GMT800 sport utilities

Current vehicles produced

GMT900 sport utilities GMT900 light trucks

Coordinates: 32°44′21.07″N -97°4′5.60″E / 32.7391861°N 96.9317778°W / 32.7391861; -96.9317778