Chevrolet Celta

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Chevrolet Celta
Celta em lages.jpg
Parent companyGeneral Motors
Also calledSuzuki Fun
Body style(s)3-door hatchback
5-door hatchback
4-door sedan
LayoutFF layout
PlatformGM4200 platform
Wheelbase2445 mm (96.3 in)
Length3750 mm (147.6 in) (hatchback)
4125 mm (162.4 in) (sedan)
Width1610 mm (63.4 in)
Height1430 mm (56.3 in)
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Chevy C2
Chevrolet Prisma
ManualsService Manual

The Chevrolet Celta (Suzuki Fun in Argentina) is a low cost supermini produced by General Motors do Brasil for the Latin American market since 2000. 600,000 Celtas have been built in Gravataí, more than one hundred thousand per year. It is the second cheapest car sold in Brazil, losing only to the Fiat Mille (actually a rebranded Fiat Uno). A sedan version is sold as Chevrolet Prisma.


It was released in 2000 in Brazil as a 3-door hatchback with a 60 PS 1.0 L gasoline engine, based on the Corsa B and with design features similar to those of the Vectra. In 2002 a 5-door version was made available, and the engine power was increased to 70 PS at 6400 rpm, the same VHC (Very High Compression) technology used in the Latin American Corsa C. A 85 PS 1.4 L gasoline engine was added in 2003.

Details of the flex fuel version of the Brazilian Chevrolet Celta.

An "Off-Road" accessories kit was for sale for both old and new Celtas in 2005, and the 1.0 L was converted into a gasoline-ethanol flexible fuel engine (gasoline versions are still available, especially outside Brazil).

In 2006 the Celta underwent a facelift, which provided for a more modern look and an enhancement of build quality. The new front makes it closer to new Chevrolet models, specially the new Brazilian Vectra.

A sedan version, named Chevrolet Prisma was released in early 2007. [1] It wasn't meant to replace Classic (a low cost sedan version of the Corsa B) neither the Corsa Sedan (C), but to fill a market gap between them instead. [2] The only available engine option is a 1.4 L Econo.Flex gasoline/ethanol flexible fuel engine. Its high compression rate gives as a result a maximum output of 97 PS when running on ethanol and 89 hp when running on gasoline [3].

Car details

The 1.0 L gasoline engine has a high power to displacement ratio (70 PS/l). However, this power is only available at 6400 rpm, and the maximum torque is 8.6 kgfm (88 Nm) at 3000 rpm. Today, the Celta is sold only with the 1.0 FlexPower (the 1.4 MPFI stopping production in 2007). In 2002 GM changed the 1.0 MPFI (60 PS) engine to a 1.0 VHC (70 PS), and in 2005 to VHC FlexPower (70 PS with Petrol or alcohol). The total weight is approximately 850 kg (2000 lb).

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