Chevrolet Montana

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Chevrolet Montana
Chevrolet Montana
Parent companyGeneral Motors
Also calledChevrolet Tornado
AssemblySão José dos Campos, Brazil
PredecessorChevrolet Corsa Pick-up
ClassLight Pickup Truck
Body style(s)2-door pick-up
Length4430 mm (174.4 in)
Width1954 mm (76.9 in)
Height1420 mm (55.9 in)
Curb weight1116 kg (2460 lb)
Fuel capacity52.5 litres (13.9 US gal; 11.5 imp gal)
RelatedOpel Corsa
ManualsService Manual

The Chevrolet Montana is a light pickup truck sold by Chevrolet in Latin America and emerging markets. The design is a variation of the General Motors Corsa. In Mexico the vehicle is known as Chevrolet Tornado. The Montana comes standard with a 1.4 l "Econoflex" and a 1.8 l 8V flex-fuel I4 engine. In some markets like South Africa (Where it is sold as the Opel Corsa Utility), the vehicle is offered with more engine options, but none flex-fuel, like the 1.4 petrol and the 1.7 Isuzu turbodiesel. As of 2007, Montana is available in 2 versions: Montana Conquest and Montana Sport which has a slightly different design and set of accessories.

The trunk can be loaded with up to 735 kg (1,620 lb) according to the manufacturer.[1]

This model is currently manufactured in São José dos Campos, Brazil. In Mexico and South Africa it is assembled with Brazilian CKD units.


The Montana arrived in the 2004 model year replacing the aged Corsa B based (Chevy Pickup); but with the Tornado name tag because the Pontiac Montana is available in this country.This small pickup its the most popular and the most attractive of its segment. Its based on the Corsa C; and although the Corsa was dropped of the Mexican Chevrolet lineup after the 2008 model year the Tornado will live for a few more years. This is now the only Brazilian built car in the Mexican Chevrolet lineup still available.

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