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The Chevrolet S3X (model C100) is a concept SUV developed by GM Daewoo's design center in Incheon and is based on GM Theta platform. It premiered at 2004 Paris Motor Show. Production started in summer 2006. The car features common rail diesel engines developed in association with VM Motori. The S3X is sold as the Chevrolet Captiva in some parts of South America and Asia and Europe, and as the Holden Captiva in Australasia. The Captiva is produced by GM Daewoo.

The Suzuki XL7 in the United States and Canada is a derivative product based on the S3X.

The Chevrolet T2X is another concept car by GMDAT development center and premiered at the 2005 Seoul Motor Show. It is based on the design of the S3X and uses shortened Theta platform. The T2X is referred to as a sport utility coupe, accounting for its rear hinged doors and shortened wheelbase, features that were first revealed on the Daewoo Scope concept car shown at the 2002 Frankfurt Motor Show. Production was slated for fall 2006, but no further announcement has been made since then. The same shortened platform was used for the Opel Antara GTC concept revealed at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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