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ECOTEC (Emissions Control Optimisation TEChnology) is a General Motors trademark that refers to a series of emissions technologies that were implemented throughout a range of GM engines.

ECOTEC can refer to the following diesel and petrol engines produced by General Motors:

  • Ecotec Family 1 and Family 0 - straight-4 DOHC engines produced by Opel Powertrain and GM Daewoo
  • Ecotec Family II - Straight-4 all-aluminium DOHC engines produced by GM Powertrain and Opel Powertrain
  • Ecotec V6 - a version of he 3800 V6 engine, Series II and III, produced by Holden Engine Company (replaced in production by Alloytec)
  • CDTI Ecotec - common rail diesel engines for Opel cars, produced by Fiat (MultiJet) and GM Daewoo (with VM Motori)
  • DTI Ecotec - diesel engines for use in Opel cars, produced by Isuzu (Circle L)

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