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Flint Truck Assembly is an automobile factory operated by General Motors in Flint, Michigan. It is one of the last auto plants in that city. The Flint factory produces full-size GM pickup trucks for consumers as well as the commercial Heavy Duty versions. The factory has two lines, with #1 producing the Heavy Duty trucks and #2 producing medium-duty consumer versions.

The plant, on Van Slyke Road, was built shortly after the end of World War II and was split between Fisher Body and Chevrolet. The Fisher operations were halted on June 24, 1970, with the entire factory turned over to Chevrolet. For much of the 1970s, Flint was home to the large Chevrolet K5 Blazer and Chevrolet Suburban, with pickup truck production moved to Pontiac Assembly Center in Pontiac, Michigan in May 1987. On August 31, 1991, production of the large SUVs was moved to Janesville Assembly in Wisconsin. All laid-off workers returned to the plant on August 10, 1992 as production began. After the closure of Scarborough Van Assembly in 1993 Flint began to produce the former Scarborough Vans. The full-size van division was moved to Wentzville Assembly in Missouri in July, 1996, but a new product, the GMT480, began at Flint the previous year. The large commercial General Motors C/K Trucks trucks began production in 1997. The factory's current product, the GMT900-based trucks, began in February 2007.

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