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The Lansing Craft Centre was a specialized General Motors automobile assembly factory in Lansing Township, Michigan. The plant started production in 1987 and closed in 2006. It was originally built as a foundry in 1919. At the time of its closure, the plant was 985,000 square feet in size, and employed 400 workers.[1] It sat across Saginaw Street from the Lansing Metal Center.

The Lansing Craft Center was the construction site for low-volume vehicles like the General Motors EV1, Buick Reatta, and Cadillac Eldorado. The Craft Centre also produced the convertible Chevrolet Cavalier and Pontiac Sunfire. Its final product was the Chevrolet SSR. On November 21, 2005, General Motors announced that it would close the Lansing Craft Centre in mid-2006. The final SSR, a unique black-on-silver model, was built on March 17, 2006.[2] Many of the Craft Centre workers were transferred to the new Lansing Delta Township Assembly plant.


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