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The National Corvette Homecoming is an annual event held in Bowling Green, Kentucky celebrating America's only production sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette. First held in 1981,[1] it was created by two Corvette enthusiasts, Tom Hill and Sam Hall, in response to the assembly of Corvettes moving from St. Louis, MO to the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, which is currently the sole assembler of the car. The event takes place for three days in July,[1] and offers Corvette owners and specialty vendors opportunities to network. All Corvette production years and custom variations are welcome.

The event features competitions in numerous judged shows, along with informative seminars to expand on Corvette knowledge.[1] The event features a unique opportunity to find parts and products that will enhance Corvette ownership. There is a Corvette parade, car corral, cruise-in, live music and an exclusive show called Sans Pareil (without equal) that is the pinnacle of achievement on the Corvette show circuit.

The Homecoming also welcomes other classic vehicles including muscle cars and antiques.[1] NCH has partnered with American Red Cross promoting Vettetastic 2008, a public art project and fundraiser. In 2008, NCH announced its first Grand Marshal, Bloomington Gold CEO David Burroughs.

The National Corvette Museum is located a few miles from the event.


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