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Oshawa Metal or Oshawa Metal Centre is a General Motors of Canada facility in Oshawa, Ontario.

Built in 1986 to supply metal for Chevrolet Lumina and Buick Regal made in Oshawa, the plant now makes steel used at the Oshawa Car and Truck plants and other GM customers. It is the GM's only metal facility in Canada located close to an assembly plant.

The 587,000 square feet (54,500 m2) facilities makes over 80,000 parts a day using 337 tons of steel a day to make 22 million parts a year.[1]

It will likely lose some jobs due to the pending closure of the Oshawa Truck Assembly.


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Coordinates: 43°52′13.31″N -78°52′29.58″E / 43.8703639°N 77.1251167°W / 43.8703639; -77.1251167