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The Scarborough Van Assembly Plant was a General Motors Canada plant in Scarborough, Ontario which opened in 1966. It once stood on the now Eglington Town Center Retail Complex between Victoria Park and Warden Ave. The plant employed 2,700 workers before closing in 1993 and has since been re-developed into a retail outlet mall.


It had started as an automotive components manufacturing plant in 1963 before being converted into a van assembly plant years later. the plant produced gm vans and GM and chevy cube van cabs and chassis. In 1986 the One-millionth van was produced by Scarborough Van Plant. Around Thanksgiving of 1989, General Motors announced that they would be closing the van plant in Scarborough, Ontario, and awarding the van contract to Flint Truck Assembly.The last van rolled off the Scarborough line on On May 6, 1993. Production was then transferred to Flint Truck Assembly and the process of dismantling the plant began. Then after three years at Flint the van division moved to Wentzville Assembly in Missouri in July, 1996. The Scarborough plant employed 2,800 people. Most of the employees were transferred to Oshawa Truck Assembly or Oshawa Car Assembly shortly after the demolition of the Scarborough Plant.

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