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Windsor Transmission is a General Motors of Canada parts plant in Windsor, Ontario and one of several facilities in southern Ontario and Canada. It is only plant located in southwestern Ontario and located closer to GM headquarters in Detroit than GM Canada headquarters in Oshawa.

It makes front-wheel-drive, automatic transmissions and transmission components used by other GM facilities.[1]

Built in 1963, the facility is scheduled to close in 2010 and will not be re-tooled. [2] This will result in layoff of 1400 workers at the plant. [3] The products from this plant will likely be shifted to the United States or Mexico.


  • 4 types of speed gearboxes for Chevrolet Malibu and Cobalt, Pontiac G5 and G6, and Saturn Vue and Aura


Coordinates: 42°18′29.11″N -83°0′3.72″E / 42.3080861°N 82.9989667°W / 42.3080861; -82.9989667