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Ultra was the codename for General Motors' next-generation family of DOHC V8 engines that was being developed to replace the aging Cadillac Northstar engine as the V8 engine of choice for GM's premium vehicles. There is very little information on the engine's specifications currently available, however its lowest Engine displacement would presumably have been similar to the Northstar's, (with higher-displacement versions probable as well), and it would very likely have incorporated technologies from the High Feature V6 family, including continuously Variable valve timing on both intake and exhaust ports, as well as provision for Gasoline direct injection. These engines would probably have been adaptable for both Longitudinal engine and Transverse engine applications (the latter would have been used by the rumored V8-powered versions of the GM Lambda platform Crossover SUV).

Despite previously revealing plans to allocate production to the Tonawanda Engine plant, as of January 2008 GM has cancelled development of this engine. [1]


  1. GM Drops Plans for New DOHC V8 Engine in 2009

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