HSV Clubsport

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HSV Clubsport
2008 HSV Clubsport R8 LS3.
ManufacturerHolden Special Vehicles
Parent companyGeneral Motors
Also calledCSV CR8
Vauxhall VXR8
AssemblyClayton, Victoria, Australia
PredecessorVauxhall Monaro VXR (UK)
ClassFull-size car
Body style(s)4-door sedan
LayoutFR layout
PlatformGM Zeta platform
Engine(s)6.0 L Generation 4 Alloy V8
(2008) 6.2 litre LS3 V8
Transmission(s)6-speed Tremec T-56 manual
Wheelbase2915 mm (114.8 in)
RelatedHolden VE Commodore
Holden WM Statesman
Pontiac G8
ManualsService Manual

The HSV Clubsport is a full-size car produced by Holden Special Vehicles in Australia since 1990. The car has also been sold in the United Kingdom as the Vauxhall VXR8 since July 2007, and in 2008 began being sold in the Middle East as the CSV CR8 by Chevrolet Special Vehicles.


The Clubsport R8 takes its fundamental body structure from the mainstream Holden VE Commodore. It is also the standard model in the HSV Line up. From April 2008, all HSV models will be use 6.2 litre LS3 V8s, instead of the previous LS2. The LS3 will power the HSVs at 317kW & 550Nm. HSV has done this so in future HSV models, the LS3 can be tuned.


2006-2008 HSV Clubsport R8 (E Series).

The R8 can accelerate from 0-100 km/h (62 mp/h) in only 4.8 seconds in the manual, 5.0 in the auto, and has a top speed of 175 mph (282 km/h).

Imports to the UK and the US

UK specification VXR8

350 VXR8s per year are scheduled for official importation into the UK, at a price of £35,105. Of the 110 ordered before first deliveries were made, 100 had been ordered with the Vauxhall warranted "loud exhaust" package, developed by Wortec. This uses a switchable exhaust system, allowing an electronic alteration of the exhaust gas path through the "standard" muffler, or via the new uprated Wortec muffler. The LS2 V8 is particularly popular among tuners in the USA, so performance parts are widely available. The most dramatic warranted upgrade is the £7,000 supercharger kit, which ups power to 530 hp (395 kW). Imports to the US are sold as Pontiac G8, with V6, L98 V8, or an LS3 V8 engine in the GXP trim.

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