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Lakewood Assembly was a General Motors automobile factory near Atlanta, Georgia. Opened in 1927, the plant was the first that the UAW staged a strike against in 1936.

Initially, Lakewood was referred to as 'Atlanta' and coded as '8' on vehicle VIN plates, changing to 'A' when GM reshuffled their codes for 1953. For 1972, code 'A' Atlanta was now referred to as the Lakewood plant.

Lakewood assembled Chevrolets, Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles and Buicks at various points in their history, and also began assembling Chevrolet trucks (though not GMCs) from 1929 thru at least 1986. The 1990 model year Chevrolet Caprice B-Body model line was the last vehicle produced at Lakewood, the plant closing it's doors on August 6th. At the time of its demolition some years later, Lakewood was a 2,600,000-square-foot (240,000 m2) facility.

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