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Chevrolet HHR
2007 Chevrolet HHR 2LT Special Edition in Cappuccino Frost
Automotive industryChevrolet
Parent companyGeneral Motors
AssemblyRamos Arizpe, Mexico
PredecessorChevrolet Zafira (in Mexico)
Car classificationCompact car
Car body style4-door Station wagon[1][2]
4-door Panel van
Automobile layoutFF layout
Automobile platformGM Delta platform
Internal combustion engine2.2 L (130 cu in) Ecotec L61 Straight-4
2.4 L (150 cu in) Ecotec LE5 Straight-4
2.0 L (120 cu in) Straight-4 Turbocharger Ecotec LNF
Transmission (mechanics)5-speed Manual transmission
4-speed Automatic transmission
Wheelbase2,630 mm (104 in)
Length4,475 mm (176.2 in)
SS: 176.5 in (4,480 mm)
Width1,755 mm (69.1 in)
Height1,605 mm (63.2 in)
SS: 62.5 in (1,590 mm)
RelatedChevrolet Cobalt
Pontiac G5
Opel/Saturn Astra
Automotive designBryan Nesbitt

The Chevrolet HHR (for Heritage High Roof) is a small Retro-styled Compact car Station wagon[1][2] launched by the Chevrolet division of American automaker General Motors at the 2005 LA Auto Show as a 2006 Model year. Designed to slot below the Equinox, it shares the GM Delta platform with the Chevrolet Cobalt, Pontiac G5, Saturn Ion, and Saturn Astra. In Mexico, it's sold alongside its predecessor, the Opel-sourced Chevrolet Zafira Compact MPV.



The vehicle's design is inspired by the mid-1940s Chevrolet cars and trucks, specifically the 1949 Chevrolet Suburban, with large, square fender flares and a hemispherical grille. The design of the HHR has been credited to Bryan Nesbitt who was a former designer at Chrysler where he was the lead designer of the Chrysler PT Cruiser.
Chevrolet HHR Panel LT
Nesbitt was recruited by GM to join its design staff and served for a time as the chief designer of the Chevrolet brand. The HHR has a large cargo-carrying capacity for a car of its size with 57.7 cubic feet in the passenger version and 62.7 cubic feet in the panel. It has a flat-load floor and fold-flat front passenger seat. For the 2007 model year, it's available in four trim levels; LS, LT, 2LT, and Special Edition. A Panel van variant was also made available in 2007 for only the LT trim and became available on all trim levels in 2008.
2007 Chevrolet HHR 2LT Special Edition

Assembly and sales

The HHR is assembled in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico and is available for sale throughout North America. The HHR is also imported to Japan by way of the motor vehicles business unit of Mitsui.[3] First year sales exceeded 93,000 through June 2006.

SS Turbocharged

2008 Chevrolet HHR SS Turbocharged

In October 2006, Cheryl Catton, director of car marketing and retail integration for Chevy, confirmed that a high performance variant of the HHR would be built.[4] The vehicle was expected to be released with SS moniker for the 2008 model year and use the Ecotec LNF Turbocharger engine found in the Pontiac Solstice GXP and Saturn Sky Red Line. The vehicle had been photographed testing by a spy photographer several times since June 2006.[5][6][7] Digital scans of the HHR SS Turbocharged dealer brochure were leaked on a fan forum site on 13 July, 2007 before any official announcement.[8]

On 16 August, 2007, Chevrolet officially revealed the 2008 Chevrolet HHR SS Turbocharged at the Woodward Dream Cruise in Birmingham, Michigan.[9][10] It was introduced as a 2008 model in fall 2007. The SS Turbocharged features a 2.0 L (120 cu in) Turbocharger Ecotec LNF Straight-4 Internal combustion engine and intercooler that produces 260 bhp (190 kW) (235 bhp (175 kW) with the optional 4-speed automatic), race-tuned high-performance suspension, five-speed Manual transmission with short-throw shifter, standard four-wheel antilock disc brakes, ground effects with unique front and rear fascias, aggressive black cross-mesh grille, liftgate-mounted aero spoiler, an analog A-pillar-mounted titanium boost gauge, leather-wrapped steering wheel with mounted audio controls, and unique 18 in (460 mm) high-polished aluminum wheels.

Chevrolet also introduced the HHR SS Panel Concept on 30 October 2007 at the 2007 SEMA Show.[11][12] This was made into a production model for the 2009 model year.


Year Trim Engine Power Torque United States Environmental Protection Agency (2008) City EPA (2008) HW EPA (2008) Comb.
2006 LS/LT 2.2 L (130 cu in) Ecotec L61 Straight-4 143 bhp (107 kW) 150 ft·lbf (200 N·m) 21 mpg-US (11 L/100 km; 25 mpg-imp) 28 mpg-US (8.4 L/100 km; 34 mpg-imp) 23 mpg-US (10 L/100 km; 28 mpg-imp)
LT/2LT 2.4 L (150 cu in) Ecotec LE5 I4 172 bhp (128 kW) 162 ft·lbf (220 N·m) 20 mpg-US (12 L/100 km; 24 mpg-imp) 28 mpg-US (8.4 L/100 km; 34 mpg-imp) 23 mpg-US (10 L/100 km; 28 mpg-imp)
2007 LS/LT 2.2 L (130 cu in) Ecotec L61 I4 149 hp (111 kW) 152 ft·lbf (206 N·m) 20 mpg-US (12 L/100 km; 24 mpg-imp) 28 mpg-US (8.4 L/100 km; 34 mpg-imp) 23 mpg-US (10 L/100 km; 28 mpg-imp)
LS/2LT 2.4 L (150 cu in) Ecotec LE5 I4 175 bhp (130 kW) 165 ft·lbf (224 N·m) 21 mpg-US (11 L/100 km; 25 mpg-imp) 28 mpg-US (8.4 L/100 km; 34 mpg-imp) 23 mpg-US (10 L/100 km; 28 mpg-imp)
2008 LS/LT 2.2 L (130 cu in) Ecotec L61 I4 149 hp (111 kW) 152 ft·lbf (206 N·m) 22 mpg-US (11 L/100 km; 26 mpg-imp) 30 mpg-US (7.8 L/100 km; 36 mpg-imp) 25 mpg-US (9.4 L/100 km; 30 mpg-imp)
LT/2LT 2.4 L (150 cu in) Ecotec LE5 I4 172 bhp (128 kW) 167 ft·lbf (226 N·m) 22 mpg-US (11 L/100 km; 26 mpg-imp) 28 mpg-US (8.4 L/100 km; 34 mpg-imp) 24 mpg-US (9.8 L/100 km; 29 mpg-imp)
SS 2.0 L (120 cu in) Turbocharger Ecotec LNF I4 260 bhp (190 kW) 260 ft·lbf (350 N·m) not listed


E85 Flexible-fuel vehicle Chevrolet HHR LS.

In IIHS tests the HHR receives a Good overall score in the frontal offset crash test. And an Acceptable score in side impacts on models equipped with side curtain airbags. Side curtain airbags became standard for 2008 models.[13]


  • 2006 Golden Icon Award for "Best SUV"


  • 2007 Golden Icon Award for "Best SUV"[15]


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